Many of the students in secondary school-high school-university have created creativity because they do not have future goals and they think they will not be liked by their creative and innovative ideas and they will not be accepted.

Even if some of them are very intelligent (perhaps with superior potential),

they have the ability to perceive themselves and feel like they are stupid.

This is a young, aggressive adolescent, despite the difficulties of communicating with his friends, and the fact that he does not mobilize all of his parents’


In this way, he will be happy to work his whole life, his profession which will even affect the quality of life,

Not to be creative, but to be unhappy. It plans to exploit the unique, unique aspects behind their names, discovering their innate self potential and self-sufficient additions. Positive changes in his life


Thus, self-confidence, self-worth, self-motivation, happiness, parent-child relationship with positive changes,

Loving and progressing as a powerful individual in shaping his future profession.


* Young-name-self talent-self potential adjustment study.

* Training and career planning compatible with self-potential.

*** These studies are highly recommended for young people of high potential