There was a window in a room which had high walls.

There was a window in a room which had high walls. I wasn’t tall enough so I just saw a little part of what was out there. Taliz put a little chair under my feet. After , she told me that this window had special powers. She showed me the views that I saw in my dreams. I started to create what I wanted to see. Later on , I noticed that in this room with high walls there was a door made out of iron that wouldn’t open.Taliz told me that the key to this door was made with an old code. I was going to listen to my heart and create a password with the rhythm. I closed my eyes and repeated these words ” love , freedkm and change..’ and the door opened. Now , I am a part of the view.


Now I am excited to see how working together after this experience will shape my life and it excites me.

With dear Taliz , working together was an experience which transformed my views on a fear I had.Later on, she showed me that I was the bundle of light and I had a unique frequency. I also do spiritual consulting and healing work. For a long time I was looking for an office. Later on , I noticed a vision , a house with a garden which can be used as a studio. After speaking with Taliz and a month had gone by I bought the house in my dreams with my husband. Now I am excited to see how working together after this experience will shape my life and it excites me.

Göksu Günay

She helped me follow a brighter path and seek hope.

Working with Taliz made me realize the truths about my subconscious and she made me notice the origin of my problems and how I can overcome them . She helped me follow a brighter path and seek hope.The conclusion that she came to about my talents was a conclusion I already knew deep inside me , I just hadnt noticed those qualities within me before.With this excitement I started to do research and noticed that the emptiness in my life started to get smaller. I feel empowered, happy and in peace. Most importantly, I have hope for the future. Thank you Taliz..


It was very impressive…

Before attending this session I had heard good recommendations. However, I didn’t expect a session that was this good and in high level of proficiency. It was very weird to be face to face with my mission and goals but at the same time very satisfying. I wasn’t aware of what was going on. At some point you explained myself to me and as days passed I connected my memories that I experienced in the past. In my opinion, sometimes no matter how hard you try you cant change some situations and solutions nowadays just aren’t enough. Therefore, that’s exactly the moment when Ms.Taliz comes forth and her techniques save you from that unsolvable situations. It was absolutely a very strengthening experience and a turning point for me.

It was very impressive thank you again. Your heart-warming love and positivity passes on to the other person. Thank you again.


I learned to not create expectations.

You managed to find my fears which lied within me that I hadn’t even noticed. You managed to un reveal the secret parts of my being and you enlightened me.After my sessions with you I felt relieved and my perceptions were widened. However , I never said to myself I cant live with out her help , it didn’t cause addiction. I saw Taliz as my teacher and continued to learn from her. After meeting her for the first time she stressed the importance of the smell of Roses , after her analysis of my name and my only exsistence and talent connections she made with my work she told me my unique senses for smell and she told me this was my mission. She told me this was my calling. She changed my perspective on situations and she made me noticed I can be angry from time to time.She taught me that the intentions of others and the way they affect me and the way that they think about me is not important and they might hurt me and also leave me but I am happy to say that I can cut them out and put a full stop when I need to. I learned that I am the important one in my life and people leaving me and walking out on me wont end my life.I learned to accept myself the way I am. I learned to communicate clearly with my students because of my job. I learned to not create expectations. I express myself with telling the truth and not lying to anyone and clearly communicate. However , of course the conflict with myself continues from time to time. I just want to state that I still dont trust people but they don’t know this because I learned to not make them feel this and most importantly I learned to trust myself. I learned how to request. Most importantly, I spend time with my parents who I value the most in my life and I do this with great pleasure. I wanted to learn these qualities my whole life and I did , now I do my job with passion and I learned to love my job. I also learned how to create different ways to change my job and love it . Thank you❤️


Thank you for everything and setting starts onto my path , thanks beautiful woman.

I am G&G
The one who opens perceptions with smell
The one that enables people to see with real love
and I ACCEPT MYSELF WITH MY OWN WORTH and my talents at the same time thanking god and following my path
Thank you for everything and setting starts onto my path , thanks beautiful woman. Love ,


I broke out of my shell…

After working with Taliz I came to know my worth.I felt blessed. In my career I made some wrong choices and mistakes and this lead to a major transformation.Before my sessions my relationship with money and wanting what is my right and what people owe me felt scary to me. However, now I am finally aware of my self worth. I request what is my right and then luck came my way. Then I elevated the position of a manager. I broke out of my shell and found my femininity. Thank you to Ms.Taliz which transformed my life energy and led to doors opening for me.


During our sessions you literally read my soul , my thoughts and my cells.

During our sessions you literally read my soul , my thoughts and my cells. When I was trying to express my self to you you quickly noticed and pin pointed what I wanted to say better than I ever could. That is why when you told me you read names I didn’t hesitate and wanted to work with you. I wanted to work with you because you identified me and my thoughts better than I could and this really comforted me. This experience really turned out the way I planned and our name analysis was excellent. You cleared out all my questions. You told me that my life goal was to plant a seed and that this would help me achieve my goals. Two days after my sessions a project that I had been thinking of surfaced . I constantly thought of new projects but never actually applied them. When we talked about the plantation of the seed on my life that moment I knew what my project was going to be about.Then I started working day and night. Later on , with my sons help and his chemistry knowledge we brought my project to life. This project was highly appreciated at a science fair. This made us extremely happy. You told me that our last session would apply to my life like a magic wand and it really did. I got a position in a place I never expected. I am really happy and in peace. There are investors interested in my project. Thank you? Thank you Taliz , may your path be enlightened as well.