With national and international education of healing techniques, quantum physics and thinking techniques, combining chemical engineering and her knowledge with natural healing techniques learnt from her both grandmothers which their heritage comes from the unique anatolian nature. She assures to help people from any age including babies, children, teens and adults to surrender their true selves which also brings out their strengths, their potentials, finding their paths and learning how to use their maximum potentials tresured in their names.

She was born in the year of 1974 in ankara , she spent her childhood in the nature, both mountains toros and seashore of mersin . In addition to , she spent her middle school and high school years at the tarsus american high school and later on went on to study and then graduated at ıstanbul university at the faculty of chemical engineering.

During her university years studying chemical engineering , and while doing lab experiments she analyized how atoms were shaped , how chemical equations had elements which exsisted on their uniqueness and how energy can change and transform and never disappear was mainly in her interest. After her university years she went onto connect her knowledge with people and their natural elements and then shaped her own techniques to discover people’s elements.

After graduating from university she managed to achieve a manager posititon at corporate companies. However , as she climbed the latter her sense of loneliness also elevated.

Loneliness , and not being understood , sixth sense and inner voice intutitons , people’s real intentions and inner voices . Outer voices and the cliff between them and the uniqueness tresured in their names was highly noted in her childhood.

In 2004 she decided to go on her own journey and decided to leave the corporate company she worked for at the time and between the years of 2004-2008 she attended many healing , power of the mind , philosophy , relegious history , nlp seminars. From 2008 to 2011 she also took quantum thinking techniques , holistic learning and shamanic quantum education. For a long period of time she taught quantum thinking techniques and quantum leadership workshops . She had national and international workshops.

With all the education and hard work that she accomplished , and that she combined with her natural instincts she set out to find the unique qualities of names and their connection with people.. Also , she also along with this she found how to bring out the best potential that people had and also career planining.

Being able to unify as v v whole a person at any age whether it is a baby or an adult or a newborn baby should be guieded throughout life.