With Magic

    The spring has come to nature, the winter branches have begun to refresh with the spring, the leaves will bloom, the flowers will open, and then they will give the miscellaneous fruits. Of course

    And if it was a tree from the seed of the fruit, it will give it fruit. The animals are like that, whatever it is, so it runs like a horse, cows give milk like cows, birds sing like birds …

    A single person tends to show himself as if he is not.

    Whether it is the defense mechanism, whether it is not honest, or whether it is future concern …

    Banker, seed figures and computer screen

    There is no rhythm, music and battle stealing.

    He’s a lawyer, he has no legislation, no laws, fly and airplanes in his seed.

    He has been a machine engineer and has no machinery, no mechanics, legislation and laws in his seed.

    She is a housewife, there is no house work in her seed, she is interested in patients, she has nursing.

    Being a teacher, guiding children in seed

    There is no need to produce, produce, trade.

    And I was a chemistry engineer, there was no classic chemistry and engineering in my seed,

    Bringing people together with their potential in their seeds, guiding their use, there was a alchemist of the future, and years later I planted my seeds, bloomed flowers, and now I give fruits.

    We have a more advanced model of refreshing, regeneration in the dry branch, and we have enough desire to use it. You want to walk in your own way .. Vigorousness, freshness, freshness and brilliant abundance, abundant fruits are waiting for you.

    With Magic,


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