In today’s world where information can be reached with 1 key, it is no longer possible to teach the successes of schools,

Will be with a passion for their creativity and creativity.

  • The school is working on the future vision of the school for this sense of success.
  • School builders-management-coordinators-teachers and students are working together to meet the readers’ vision so that teachers, coordinators and other unit workers with future goals will be able to live, energize,

This will be positive for the students because they will be happy.

  • Practicing knowledge creatively in everyday life, transitioning between principles; It is possible by opening and practicing the student’s own potential and self-abilities. At this point, the teacher’s perspective on the student is very important, even the most important. Teacher training in this regard

I am given additional payment.

  • Teach teachers to plan self-potential career in the school.
  • Educational plan according to the innate self-potential of the students and counseling