Remember why you are here, What is your life purpose, identify your true talent and how to free it, use it now! Fulfill your desires. Know what your unique life path is, know your true calling now! Because it is safely treasured in your own unique NAME
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I am aware that Taliz Pir does not claim to cure anything including any illnesses, conditions, diseases, dysfunctions or discomforts. Taliz Pir do not diagnose diseases.
Taliz Pir does not provide nor prescribe medications, diets, herbs, supplements.
Taliz Pir do not provide injections or needles.
Taliz Pir do not perform massages or manipulations.
I am aware that Taliz Pir's techniques contained in this modality are in no way deemed substitutes and should not be relied upon for medical diagnoses, treatments and / or medications for any mental or physical illnesses, diseases, conditions, dysfunctions or discomforts of any sort and should not be interpreted as such.
I am aware that any medical issues or concerns should be addressed with a qualified physician.
I am aware that Taliz Pir 's sessions are not intended to replace any existing medical treatment. If I am currently having any treatment for any condition or disease, I must consult with my appropriate medical, psychological or healthcare provider prior to changing or modifying any treatment plan.
I am aware that participation in a session is voluntary and that at any times I may choose to end my participation.


I understand that the information on this form and any information imparted during the session(s) is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone without my written permission.


Cancellation policy: 48 hours for cancellation or change of appointment. In the absence of a 48 hour notice, clients will be charged the full fee of the appointment.
Late Arrival: Late arrivals to appointments will be accommodated where possible, but a full appointment cannot necessarily be guaranteed.
Refund: A no refund policy applies to all situations in which treatment has been given to the best of its ability.
Payment Procedure: Fees are to be paid in full before the session.
I have read, understood and agree with the above disclaimer, confidentiality policy, terms and conditions. All of the information I have provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge.


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