Education For The Baby In Mother’s Womb

The most basic feelings about potential talents that shape the whole human life, and the time frame in which the thoughts are encoded are the mother’s belly.

Through the electricity in the amniotic fluid, the baby takes all the moods of the mother, such as fear, and anger. This record is transferred to the birth memory of the baby,

And the most important self-abilities, such as , insufficiency of guven, invalidity, indecisiveness, closeness, and most important self-abilities when infants born by taking vibrations such as blood gasps, colic crying seizures, sleep disorders, Cause someone to be dependent on someone else.

Baby education in pregnancy is very important in this respect. By eliminating the negative feelings of the mother, giving loving messages to the baby, At the outset, your baby is provided with a happy and healthy childhood experience. The parents prepare their candidates emotionally for the baby to be born.

New Birth Name Name

Noun meaning (this means dictionary, letters

Energy, or numerology), there is a formulation between what they live and what they live in. The name chosen for the newborn baby is the name of the infant, child, adolescent and through adulthood.

The effect is additional charge.

If there is no name-infant adaptation, you will not feel confident in the later years of your life,

The potential to be affected by not using the potential.

With name-infant compatibility, the baby is disciplined and trustworthy. The game is prepared for childhood, which is capable of expressing self-expressing self-abilities, which can be effective at early ages.

By taking the foundation of your future firmly, it affects the adult period positively.

The name of the newborn baby,

Meaning-baby adjustment study is not done.